nstall the Door Closer Rotate

  1. To install the Door Closer Rotate the sweep adjuster to slow down the door closing speed.
  2. Turn the latch adjuster to get a quick, one second final swing to latch door.

“You can buy a high-quality Door Closer at lockinghardware.com. You can find less expensive door closers, but they don’t last as long and are less adjustable.”

  1. Drill pilot holes through the template into the door facing and door.
  2. Screw the door closer to the door facing.
  3. Screw the arm bracket to the door.
  4. Attach half of the closing arm to the door closer.
  5. Attach the other half of the closing arm to the door.
  6. Link the two halves of the closing arms together.
  7. Adjust the tension screw on the pneumatic cylinder to regulate the closing speed.
  8. Add the cover housing to give the residential door closer a finished look.

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