Kwikset’s Newest Product | High Security Deadbolt | Kwikset Door Handlesets

How often do you lose your keys? Kwikset’s newest product to make life easier is finally here to pre-order today. Kevo blends technology with problem solving into one of the greatest deadbolts on the market. With the simple touch of your finger with a compatible Smartphone in your pocket; purse or hand; you can easily unlock the deadbolt.

Kwikset Kevo Deadbolt

eKey Benefits:

  • Each eKey is unique and assigned specifically to a Kevo user and Kevo lock
  • An eKey can be shared in a few clicks and reassigned to another user at any time
  • An eKey cannot be duplicated; unlike a physical key
  • The Kevo app helps you monitor all eKey usage for your lock
  • You can temporarily disable or completely delete any unwanted users from your Kevo lock
  • You are always in full control of who receives an eKey – There are no more unknown copies of the keys to your home

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