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Emtek’s dummy door knob sets are as exquisitely and finely crafted as its operating locks; and are made of the same beautiful and rugged materials. Dummy sets require no door prep. Dummy handles are surface mounted; and may be located anywhere on the door you choose; but are usually located to match the appearance of nearby operating locks.

deadbolt door locks


  • Porcelain Knob with Brass Rosette


  • Knob Diameter: 2-3/8′
  • Projection: 2-1/4′
  • Material: Porcelain and Solid Brass

Emtek is dedicated to bringing interesting; well made hardware back into American homes. Emtek’s Mission is to satisfy the highest expectations of today’s homeowners with regard to door locks. They strive to provide a broad and interesting range of products that consumers can use as elements of decor; and not just as a way to latch a door.

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