Commercial Door Hinges | Heavy Duty Hinge| Industrial Hinges

Hinge brings you beautiful constructed spring hinges you can appreciate for the years to come in your home or business. Solid steel with a creative design bring you reliability that you can depend on.

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Commercial Door Hinges


  1. Sold as Pair
  2. Spring Hinge
  3. Residential Strength
  4. Removable Pin: No
  5. Wood Screws Included
  6. 1/4′ Radius Corners
  7. Traditional / Classic Theme
  • ​​Spring Hinge: These single action hinges are fitted with springs in the barrel to bring an open door back to a closed position automatically. Great where door space is at a premium and door closers are impractical. With double action hinges; the door is able to move in either direction.
  • Material – Stainless Steel: Stainless steel reacts with oxygen in the air to form a very thin film of chromium oxide on the surface of the steel. This helps prevent the steel inside from rusting; and is great for homes in climates prone to rusting.
  • Mounting: The standard corners for mortised door hinges are 1/4′ radius; 5/8′ radius and square corner. It is recommended that three hinges be used on doors up to and including 7.5 feet with one additional hinge for each additional 2.5 feet. Make sure you check your current hinges before making a purchase.


  1. 4 Inch Height
  2. 4 Inch Width
  3. Made from Stainless Steel
  4. Mount: Mortise
  5. Gauge: 0.106′ (Thickness of Hinge Steel)
  6. 5 Knuckles
  7. 8 Screw holes

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