Best Commercial Door Knobs Collection @ Locking Hardware

For over four decades Omnia’s Privacy Door Knobs have been opening and closing hundreds of thousands of doors all around the world. These latchsets are designed both for new installations and for replacement hardware on doors with standard bore up to 2-1/8′.

Privacy Latchset with Knob Handle from the Latchset Knob Collection.jpg

Omnia’s latchsets in this collection are packaged complete with knobs or levers; specified roses; tubular latch; spring loaded sub-rose; spindle; and all mounting hardware. An installation template in included. Lever latchsets are supplied with extra heavy duty latches.

  1. Will fit 2-1/8′ bore
  2. Available in 2-3/8′ or 2-3/4′ backset
  3. For 1-3/8′ thick doors
  4. All latch dimensions are standard to fit existing bores for replacement installations
  5. Tough; non-rusting materials used throughout latch
  6. Critical interior parts are made of solid brass

Call us: (800) 604-1922



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