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Lock State LS-19EPL Closet Safe is the Strongest safest in its class. The LS-19EPL has one master code and one user code (3-6 digits). The user code would allow you to grant temporary access to an individual with the easy to add/change code feature.

Lock State Closet Safe.jpg


  1. Electronic Master Code And Separate User Code!!
  2. Electronic Code Lock (3-6 digit code)
  3. Motor Driven Electronic Lock
  4. Manual Override Key (2 Keys Supplied)
  5. Pre-Drilled Holes for Mounting to the Floor or Wall (Hardware Included)
  6. LED Status Display
  7. 4 AA Batteries Inserted on the Safe Interior
  8. Alarm After 4 Incorrect Codes Entered
  9. Not Rated as Fire-Proof
  10. Wall Thickness: 2mm
  11. Door Thickness: 5mm
  12. (2) 5/8′ bolts.
  13. External Dimensions: 7.87’H X 13.78’W X 8’D
  14. Internal Dimensions: 7.48’H X 11.81’W X 7.78’D
  15. 1-Year Warranty

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